Fall Prevention

Recommendations for falls prevention

(Adapted with modifications from the Ministry of Health document May 9, 2015)

Please visit the MOH website to see the full list of recommendations.

It is important to know - falls are preventable!

  1. How to protect against falls? (Should be done in consultation with your doctor).
    • Make the needed adjustment in your house – make it safer.
    • Exercise on a regular basis.
    • Have a well-balanced diet and drink adequately.
    • Review your medical treatment with a doctor.
    • guard your vision and hearing.
    • Use aids for your activities and your safety.
    • Contact your doctor if you have problems with walking and/or equilibrium or if you fell.

  2. Make the needed home adjustments (preferably consult a professional, through sick funds).
  3. Accessories
    • Install a sticky rubber mat in the tub or shower - to prevent slipping.
    • Install a rubber mat also on your way out from the shower or bath.
    • For your safety - Install firm handles in the shower, bath and near the toilets.
    • In the shower or the bathroom – consider using a steady plastic chair
    • If necessary use elevated toilet seats, that will make it easier for you to sit down and stand up

    Living rooms (living room, bedroom, etc.) - Safety arrangements
    • Clear the floor from objects, electrical wires, and telephone wires to avoid stumbling falls
    • The furniture should be placed in a way that would not interfere with the passage (use sturdy furniture)
    • Attach the carpets to the floor using an adhesive substance.

    Stairs (indoors and outdoors)
    • The steps should be stable, clear of objects, with a firm handrail (preferably on both sides), and well-lit.
    • Do not rush when going up or downstairs

    Make sure the house is properly lit
    Place objects that are used daily at arm’s length

  4. Ask for help with actions involving climbing - Do not climb on a stool or a chair
  5. To prevent slipping - immediately wipe a wet floor
  6. For walking safety - wear stable and comfortable shoes, bounded from behind, with a wide, low heel and with anti-slip shoe soles.